Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hairy-armed modeling :)

Hi, I'm a model for and I'd like you all to read my profile to know about my experience going from an embarassed teenager to a proud model.

I used to be embarrassed about it. A few times I broke down and shaved my arms, because I was ashamed at their abnormal hairiness. Eventually, I stopped caring so much what the world thought. Then one day, initially as a joke, a good friend of mine sends me this website, where they want girls with hairy arms to be models. So, what the heck? I'm a pretty girl with a good body who happens to have hairy arms, so I send in an application, for fun. Next thing I know, I get an email from the webmaster telling me that I'm perfect for it!.

Look at me now! I'm a proud model for a decent (as in, not smutty) website. So many girls in this world want to be a model with a tiny waist and (thanks to lasers and waxing) a 100% smooth body. I am a girl with a healthy figure, with a low amount of maintenance to my body, and I get paid for for my photographs. Is that not amazing?

I know it may seem out there, but it's all very tasteful. It's just pretty girls displaying their arm hair, nothing beyond. I mean there are all kinds of fetishes out there, (the webmaster says it's not a fetish) but even so it is pretty harmless. I've always been very proud of my looks and body, as conceited as that may sound. And now I can be proud of the arm hair that I used to find unattractive.

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