Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Girls with Hairy Arms Blog

After 5 years of being online, some women are starting to catch on that having armhair isn't such a bad thing after all. This new blog will help them to express themselves to other similar women, and to the men who support them...

There are many men and women who are touched in one way or another by armhair. A seemingly innocent, natural and perfectly normal physical aspect, as normal as the ears on your head, can become a very big deal to both men and women alike.

Men (boys) discover at a young age that they are attracted to women with arm hair, but they also soon discover that most of their friends still aren’t attracted to women at all, and when that does happen, they find they are alone in their appreciation of girls with hairy arms. But they are not really alone at all.

Women as young girls don’t realise their arm hair until the boys around them in school start liking girls, and namely, not ones with lots of arm hair. This usually adds to a negative relationship between the girl, and her arms. Its not until later on in life that many women develop enough self worth again to feel better about her arms.

This blog site will bring together views and experiences, words and feelings, and hopes and dreams of women with arm hair, and some of the men who support them in their endeavors to have self worth, and to be natural.

I’m Chris, creator of the site Girls with Hairy Arms, and this is part of my personal mission.


  1. this is AWESOME yes girls who have hairy arms are exceptionally beautiful!